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There are some stains on my straps that do not seem to be able to be removed. What can I use to get them out?
These stains are from one of two things. The most likely suspect is sun-tan lotion which among other ingredients has a Red or Yellow color additive. Left untreated, the Sun removes the liquid by evaporation and "burns" the color into the strap. Oddly enough, the same effect comes from common rain water, which contains small amounts of dirt. These stains are not able to be removed.

Some of the straps on my patio furniture are broken, but the rest of them seem to be OK. Should I change the few that are broken or replace all of them?
The true test of whether to replace the straps on your furniture is the condition of all of the straps. If the straps are stiff and inflexible, they should all be changed. Look for small cracks at the ends of the straps also. Changing individual straps of the same color may seem like a good idea until you do it. You will notice that the Sun has usually faded the original color and the new straps clash with the old ones. The best solution is to replace all of them.

What cleaning solutions should I use for regular black mold that forms on my patio furniture all of the time? Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening in the future?
Simple washing procedures using a diluted mild soap like laundry detergent without bleach additives will do the job very nicely. The black mold on patio furniture is formed by the high degree of moisture in the atmosphere and there is no way, other than a regular cleaning regimen (about every three months) to combat this problem.

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